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Bible Curriculum

Sixth Grade

Athletic competition is the theme of this course. Curriculum draws from studies of various Bible characters and an overview of the Book of Revelation. Students learn how the principles of God’s Word help them gain victory in the race of life. Course expectations include:

  • Weekly memory verses
  • Workbook assignments
  • Quizzes and unit tests
  • Projects that include dramatizations, visual presentations, and research

Seventh Grade

Students examine the major themes of the Bible and gain the ability to piece together the “one story” of scripture. Emphasis is placed on the character of God, as well as the chronology and connections between people and events in Scripture. Students are encouraged to seek their own place in the ongoing story of God’s redemptive history. Course expectations include:

  • Students create a one page illustrated diagram of the whole of scripture.
  • They also create a one page chronological outline of the general content of the Bible.
  • Students summarize the story of the Bible into a 28 page document with illustrations for each page depicting the major events and characters of the Bible.

Eighth Grade

This course is an in depth study of worldviews. Students learn to identify the perspectives of four major worldviews in the area of ten basic disciplines with an emphasis on personal application. Students are trained to examine influences that exist in their culture and to discern what is true and best regarding the choices they make with their lives. Students are exposed to beliefs which conflict with their own and are equipped to defend the Biblical view in various areas including:

  • Creation and evolution
  • Pseudo-Christian religions
  • Abortion
  • Media
  • Purity
  • Miracles
  • The resurrection of Jesus